All of our dreamcatchers are hand crafted from grapevines and therefore unique,
no two will be the same. Each will contain one of the following crystals: amethyst,clear quartz, or angelite pieces.
(please specify your choice with order)

The Ojibway Dreamcatcher is meant to bring a good nights sleep.Tradition says that the air is filled with dreams both good and bad waiting to come into your dreams. The dream net works to sort out those dreams. While the good dreams find their way through the whole in the center, the bad dreams do not know the way and get hopelessly tangled in the webbing where they perish in the first light of dawn.


Variety of X-Large Dreamcatchers
Various colors, including rainbows
$85 - $125



Small Short Feathered

$8.50 each
under 1lb.

Small Long Feathered

$10 each
under 1lb.

Medium Short/Long Feathered

$15 each
under 1lb.

Long Fancy Feathered

$35 each

Special Large Dreamcatcher

$65 each
under 2lbs.


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