My Spiritual Journey to Ghana


My Spiritual Trip to Ghana
by Cathy Bilsky
Part one

I can call this trip by many names. Kissing it up to God or the faith program or Waiting on the will of God, The patience program or the great initiation. It is all relevant.

My initiation has not stopped yet for the tests go on. I have now worked 20 days straight with a lot of challenges coming at me I must keep meeting them head on along with just letting the Divine keep providing for me.

This trip believe it or not is about Quantum Leaping the world into the golden age. This is stamped on my soul. Not a frustrating mission to have now is it? I have been aware of this mission for more than 23 years. Yep I will admit it is a frustrating challenging mission that not too many people want to take on…guess that is how I got the mission, no one else wanted it.

Although this mission started many years ago I will tell you what made me decide to go to Africa and do a month of service work there. Many of you followed along and read my daily journal but no one knows but me what I really went thru…what I didn’t write about and now spirit is not letting me alone till I write about my journey from the spiritual persperctive…. from my perspective. Then I will have some mind peace again.

To quantum leap the world into the golden age it is my belief that you must start where it is the darkest. Re anchor light in that area and then the rest of the planet is easy. Because of this perspective of mine I was trying to get funding to go to Palestine for you must admit it is a pretty dark place right now. However no doors were opening for me to take my Angelite there to teach people how to heal with out drugs..or teach the curse removal or soul retrieval I have become very proficient at.

Curse Removal you ask…odd job for someone to take on. Yep it sure is I agree 100%. Believe me when I say I didn’t wake up one morning and say “self what will you do with your life?” Ahh yes , curse removal now that is an open field with very little competition. No I just morphed into it. Truly I think it was one of those jobs no one wanted to take on so I took it. OR it was on the fine print of my God, before I reincarnated into this life time, contract. I know I was first in line for I got a great job. I get to play with light, the angels, the elemental kingdom and crystals..and I get to take people out of pain and stress with my Angelite tools. It really is a great job and..this is a great part…I get to keep my connection with the Divine. I was just so excited I forgot to read the fine print of my God contract……ooops

I get to take on and free people from black magicians…..good times
Let’s jump to late November of 2009. I was impressed to go see a movie on the child soldiers of Joseph Kony of the Congo. I saw one dark magician holding 5 countries hostage. I saw a man that fed off of the lives of the children he kidnapped and forced into being soldiers. He is not kind to those who want to leave him and I will spare you all the gory details of what he does to the kids that do..when he finds them. I said to myself well Joseph Kony your magic is waning if you can be brought to a movie theater in my little town of Honokaa, Hawaii. You are no longer invisible and you have now got my attention. I also new I had to go to Africa to work with the child soldiers. What would I do with them? Well all I can do is offer them what my gifts are. My gifts are helping people heal without drugs using Angelite and love, curse removal and soul retrieval. I know not your normal 9 tp 5 job is it? However this is what I do and all I can offer.

Now I must wait on the will of the Divine to help me get there for I don’t have any money to do this on my own. I also felt like spirit was telling me to put up or shut up. I sat down in my crystal store looking at what I had to sell to finance not only this but to finance Quantum leaping the world into the golden age. The only thing I had of any real value was my 2 big earth keeper crystals I was the caretaker of for the last 18 years. We are quite attached to each other. I was being asked to release all I hold dear to me and for the first time ever I put them up for sale. No this was not an easy thing to do and they are worth a lot of money for both crystals are museum pieces. They are both Smokey quartz Elestials. The small 650 pounder is called an alligator elestial that looks like a turtle. I was asking $20,000 for him. My big over 1,000 pounds cathedral crystal I asked $100,000. If either sold I could begin to finance the quantum Leap into the golden age and take one month off to go to Africa..Pay all my bills and really have an easy time of it. Haha we make plans and God laughs. In this case the Divine wanted to see if I would give up that which I hold pretty near to my heart. It is only a rock and to do my mission yes I could sell them….no it was not an easy thing to neither do nor say they were up for sale.

I waited for the whole month of December. Then at the end of December I looked at my big 50 lb white crystal cluster I had in my store window for over 5 years which I was selling for $2000. I called a friend of mine and asked her if she would help me out and buy the crystal from me so I could go to the Congo. She said she would and as far as I was concerned the Quantum leap the world into the Golden age was on.

More than a week went by and I heard nothing back about the crystal. I knew I could do nothing until it was sold and I had the money in my hand and I was getting a bit frustrated. Not wanting to be too pushy yet I need to move forward. I went in to work on New Years day and I had a big miracle. A man came in and fell in love with my crystal and said he wanted to buy it and would give me cash if I let him have it for $1800. My head was spinning with delight. But first I had to ask my friend who originally said she would buy it if she cared if I sold it or not. She didn’t. I delivered the crystal to his house. He was happy. I had my money to go to Africa…well at least my airfare.

I thought to myself that I bought this crystal 5 yrs ago and she came with me on my first trip to Hawaii, sat patiently for 5 years waiting for her owner to show and that her energy exchange was going to such a worthy endeavor. Funding my trip to Africa. Maybe I would be able to stay the caretakers of my crystals? Time will tell.

I went on line and looked for where I was to go and Ghana was in the for front of my mind. I checked Ghana out and saw that they have one of the biggest refugee camps around. 25,000 refugees. That is where I am to go. I thought I would go to the middle of this camp and just do my healing thing.

I went on line and started booking tickets. Yikes. Spirit kept blocking me until I got the right times to leave. I had myself booked on a flight that left at 8am from Honolulu, which ment I had to leave around 6am from my island to get to Honolulu..and to do that I would have been up at 3 am to get to the local airport on time. I would then gotten to Accra Ghana at 9pm. Spirit just would not let me book that flight. I finally got the right flight that left at 2pm from Honolulu and arrived in Accra at 9am. Much kinder flight all around. I figured I could have everything together by the end of January and spirit told me to stay the whole month of Feb.

As soon as I booked my flight for Jan 28th the clock was ticking. Why did I give me so little time? The world needs to quantum leap into the golden age and I wanted to be able to look people in the eye and say I came as soon as I could.
During that month I focused on making the Angelite products I would take and getting what I needed to go to Africa. I didn’t have any suitcases or cloths to go. Spirit sent me in people who told me what I needed to take and what shots to get. To bring Neem oil for the mosquitoes and it was amazing how many people came into my store that had an adventure in Ghana and gave me great tips on what to kind of expect. I did not really focus on Ghana, although I did try and write a few groups to see if they wanted me and my skills. I never heard from them. So I focused on what was before me and I would work Ghana out when I got there. That way I would not get overwhelmed.

Spirit did not overwhelm me with a lot of money to do this and I was kept on quite a tight budget for the whole journey. My friend that was going to buy the crystal bought other things instead and spent $1,000 dollars which was a big boost to my budget and I paid for the yellow fever shot I had to get to get Ghana along with the malaria pills. Buy the end of the month I had it all together and had..i thought…the store covered with volunteers to work it. It was kind of going smoothly if I didn’t think too much or too far in advance.

I had a wonderful Hawaiian friend of mine and her fiancée who wanted to go with me ..The money never manifested for them to go. They would be one of my volunteers that would help me with the store while I was gone. I realized as I started the trip that this was an initiation that I must go thru alone..solo. Believe me I tried to get other people to come along and it all fell thu. A little thing like no one else able to come along with me ever stopped me from traveling by myself before..why would I make this the first trip?
I bless my dear friends who encouraged me to go and helped me keep the faith and as long as i followed my heart it was the right thing to do and to keep moving forward.

This was a trip like no other I had taken before. I wasn’t focused on doing any sight seeing or any buying for the store. This was to be all service work. I was to teach and heal and give away all the Angelite tools I was to take. A total spiritual journey I didn’t realize I was taking till I was on my journey.

Two weeks before I was to leave for Ghana family and friends realized that I was going by myself..No group tours for me….all their fears began to surface. Let me just put it to you in simple terms. I was to be raped pillaged, plundered, and killed. If I had a death wish go to Ghana and make out my will before I go for I will need it. Thank goodness that scenario was cancelled cleared. My mission not theirs. I was also told not to go because Ghana was very Christian and the jerry fawells/ Pat Robertsons had a big influence on them . I would do more damage bringing my crystals than good. To which I replied I guess you are not going to vacation with me in Ghana. She did have a good point and had a lot of validity to it. Little did either of us know that Ghana has a very large Muslim population. They were who God sent me too.

Again it was my mission I was being told to go on not theirs. I had to hold on to the faith program knowing that God would take very good care of me and keep me safe. Geez if he wants me to do the work then he has to keep me safe..I thought that this was a great working relationship the Divine and I had. And if something happened to me and it was time for me to leave the planet…well I can say is that I had a good run and did my best for God and be able to leave with a clean heart.

The Sunday before I was to leave my Toyota hybrid car started to act up. I had it towed into the dealership and they said the inverter was going…$6.000 to fix. Hahaha. Not in my budget. After taking a lot of deep breaths I figured I didn’t need the car in Africa so I would just park it and leave it at a friend’s house till I got back. I would deal with it then. And maybe come up with a better solution.
I did my best to find volunteers to cover my store while I was gone and I knew I would not be able to focus on it at all while I was gone. Again I must have faith that it would be taken car of by the Divine. And everything would be ok. The faith program.

I packed my two suitcases with as much Angelite tools I could carry. I made whatever molds I had left and concentrated on making as many small tools I could so more people would have them. I think I took around 400 tools with me. And with the airline rules limited me to only 50 pounds each bag. Of course I also had 2 carry ons that held a few cloths I choose to take. I was carrying a little over 130 pounds of weight with me.

A few days before I left I had my state sales tax figured out and I had to send the state $640 by the end of January. Well the way my money ended up I had to choose between the state and having some money to travel with to Africa. After asking my accountant what all my options were if I didn’t pay the state taxes on time, I choose to just send the paperwork in. Still working on covering this bill. Spirit was giving me $685 dollars to go to And this is what I had left with all I had to get for the trip and believe me I was very frugal and got only that which I had to have. Spirit gave me $685 dollars to live in Ghana Africa for one month… Faith program again.

I was also given a very small back up program where a friend of mine offered to let me put $300 on his credit card if I had an emergency. I did breath a little easier with that tucked in the back of my mind. Toward the end of the trip I needed it..that story comes later.

I new I was being asked to take everything I have learned on a spiritual level and put it all to practical use.
When people asked me what I was going to do in Ghana I would reply I have an idea of what I will do when I get there but since I don’t know what it will look like when I get there I have no clue for I am winging the whole trip. I really did not want to think too much on what lay before me for I didn’t want to get overwhelmed. I just kept telling people that I would deal with Ghana when I am in Ghana.

Knowing I did not have a lot of money to spend I looked for the most inexpensive hotel accommodations I could find so I went to the hostels. For $15 a nite I would get a private room..I am so worth it. I made my main reservation at the Crystal hostel. I figure it had good reports and how can I go wrong with Crystal hostel….I have a love for crystals and it just made perfect sense to me. And they would pick me up from my first hostel I had to book. I thought 4 days would be plenty for me to get over jet lag and find a place to do my volunteer work with.
Everything was falling into place. I had to have total faith that whatever I needed would be provided by the Divine.

Again I must say that this was a trip that was to be all about service work. I was not to focus on any outcome, ask for anything in return and give away all my Angelite healing tools I brought with me. It wasn’t about sight seeing or buying products for the store. It was all about doing service work. Teaching people how to take people out of pain without drugs using my Angelite tools and Divine love. Well maybe have a little tiny vacation out of it too..oh wishful thinking. Dream on.

As I was packing I grabbed the SaiBaba Gita book to read. I had this book for over 7 years and could not read it. It seemed like a good travel book to take. Boy was I write on that account. I will call this book a guide for the advanced light worker that wants to have some quantum growth. It was a guide book that explained everything I was going thru or had just gone threw or will go threw. It tells you about the challenges you will meet and need to overcome. Not the specifics of what the challenges will be for they will be different for everyone. Just that it is part of the tests you will go thu and how you are suppose to act while going thru them. Quite the guide book and I am always so grateful when God gives you a heads-up on not only that the tests are coming..kind of like surprise pop quizzes and then tells you how you can pass those tests.

It was time for me to leave the material behind. Not think of my store or home or Hawaii. All my attention needed to be on the task at hand. Which was always what was right in front of me. I needed to keep a sharp eye out for the open doors so I would know what direction God wanted me to go in.
As I Got on the plane I left my old life behind to return a very different person. It is often said to allow the new to come in you must let go of the old. I kissed everything I had , store , apt., car, family ,friends all up to God and let myself be open to the new adventure I was on.

I will say here that for once I did not push my will forward for if I did I would have gone straight to the Congo. That is where Joseph Kony needs to be put in a position of harmlessness. If I would have done that I would have been in much danger and had a lot of drama for I travel alone most of the time. I allowed God to send me to the safest country in Africa right now. Which, I did not know till I was in Ghana. Ghana has a high vibration despite the corrupted government. It is like the united state..Our govt. is awful and corrupt but the people are nice. God could not have sent me to a safer place in Africa. Because I was unconsciously competent and listened I was safe and had a great adventure.

I still intend to go to the Congo when Sai baba, Prem Baba and all the other Divine beings sends me the right people to travel with. That mission is about group energy.

Time to leave for Ghana. Here I go lugging 130 lbs of weight..Mostly rocks. Time to let the old life go completely. I had my Sai Baba ‘s book for the light worker wanting to advance in the world of spirit. Course I didn’t know that yet for I didn’t start reading it till I was on the plane.

Part 2 will continue when I have time and energy to write.



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